Advisory Board

Mary Jane Newman, Artistic Director
Dean Steven Travalino, Chair

Stephen Corman
Veronica H. Dodge
Peter Giles
Evelyn Kahlow
Ulrich Kahlow
George van Marter
Arlene Wexler
James M. Dodge III, Technical Director

Rev. Dr. Charles “Chip” Andrus, 1967- 2018, Founder

Preparing for this our sixth season has been a bittersweet experience for myself and the other volunteers who make the series happen. As many of you reading this know, South Salem Presbyterian Church’s beloved pastor, Dr. Charles “Chip” Andrus passed away in September at the age of 51 from a recurrence of cancer. Chip’s reputation, as a pastor, church scholar, musician and music lover extended far beyond the church, and is best exemplified by the determination he showed in traveling to St. Louis this past June to fulfill his duties as liturgical leader and music director for the General Assembly.

It was only a few short years ago that Chip and I first held a series of 3 concerts designed to bring exceptional keyboard performances to the heart of the historic hamlet of South Salem and further his commitment to promoting the South Salem Presbyterian Church as a center for great art and a welcoming place for the entire community.

While it is hard for me to express in words the loss we have all felt other than to express my sympathy to his family and congregation, I hope we have honored him by presenting a season of beauty and excellence that lives up to his original vision.